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A movie has recently been made after one of my favorite books, entitled Eat, Pray, Love. In her memoir, Elizabeth Gilbert writes of her travels to three different countries over the course of a year as she seeks to find pleasure, discipline, and an ultimate balance between both ideals.

Helianthus flower, Bannerghatta Bangalore. By L. Shyamal

During her time in India, New Yorker Elizabeth begins a regular practice of yoga and meditation in an attempt to quiet her mind and restore her sanity.  Unable to find inner silence, she breaks down to her friend Richard, explaining that all she can think about when she tries to meditate is how she’s going to decorate her meditation room when she gets home.  This, along with the many other thoughts that travel through Elizabeth’s head throughout the novel, is one of the reasons why I truly believe she just happened to write this book before I, and millions of others, had a chance to do the same.

It’s easy to have a hard time unwinding. The world is a very busy place, and Boston, where I happen to live, is a very busy city.  Amidst all of the final exams and extracurricular endeavors that grace my life as a college student, I find myself overwhelmed by the rapid and changing pace of a city that sleeps infrequently. And, with my schedule of classes, I won’t be travelling to India on a yoga retreat any time soon.

However, I don’t need to.

Boston is a premiere city for the aspiring, beginner, and experienced yogi.  Moreover, it offers many affordable options for the ramen-eating population of students that frequent the area.  Having recently picked up yoga, I can’t help but notice the number of yoga mats that squish into mine when I’m riding the T – in the middle of the hustle and bustle, it appears that many Bostonians, students and professionals alike, are taking to their mats.

In this blog, I hope to write and learn more about what it means to be a Yogi and a student in Boston. I certainly find myself “decorating my at-home meditation room”, shopping online, or reviewing midterm flashcards in my head as I attempt total quiet in child’s pose. However, I’m looking forward to continuing my journey onward and inward in the windy city as I laugh, attempt a hand-stand, and explore more of what Boston’s Yoga world has to offer.