Photo (CC) by AMagill and republished here under a Creative Commons license.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m a college student. My desire to begin practicing Yoga was only made a reality once I found a studio that was spiritually AND financially accommodating. Luckily, I found out that affordable yoga is available all over the city of Boston.   If you’re just starting your practice, or simply looking for new ways to get a little more down-dog for your buck, here are a few options:

Back Bay Yoga Studio (BBY) is located in the heart of Back Bay without the high street price tag. This studio was formerly located near Berklee College of Music, and since moving and substantially upgrading their facilities, they’ve actually lowered many of their prices.  As a student, I always got the best end of the deal when their old studio offered lowered rates for those carrying a student or military ID.  Now, those low rates are open to the public.

If you’ve never been to Back Bay Yoga before, well … I’m totally jealous of you.  Why?  You can attend 2 weeks of unlimited classes at this gorgeous studio for only $25.00.  This offer is only available for first-time customers only, and being that the drop-in rate for one class is half of this price, it’s a no-brainer deal for a first-timer.

The “drop-in” rate at Back Bay Yoga is still pretty steep – $12.00 for students and military and $15.00 for everyone else.  If you’re looking to only attend one class before signing up for a bundle or month-to-month membership, Back Bay Yoga’s sister studio, Sweat and Soul Yoga, offers $10.00 drop-in rates and has many of the same classes as BBY. Also, BBY offers $5.00 “community classes” as a way of giving back to the community that supports them.  The classes offered at this rate are less frequent, but worth checking out.  For a schedule of community class offerings, click here.

What I think is a real steal at this studio is their monthly auto-renew plan, which offers unlimited yoga and free mat storage for only $99.00 per month.  On top of that, the studio usually sends out coupon codes to those on their e-mail list with offers like “$50.00 for your first month”.  I managed to pay only $75.00 for my first month on auto-renew with one of their coupon codes, and if you’re attending three or more classes a week, this plan is beyond a bargain.  Not to mention, you’re not only getting the classes for $99.00/month, but you also have access to a fully upgraded womens or mens locker room.  Running late for work?  Clean shower facilities are another great perk of BBY’s beautiful space.

In another area of Boston, South Boston Yoga offers a wide variety of classes in southie.  Their rates are slightly higher than those at BBY; however, if you don’t have Yoga mat or towel, they only charge $1.00 for rentals.  If you’re a student, you can also save up to $20.00 on their class bundle offerings.

Next on the list – their clothing prices might be through the roof, but Lululemon Athletica balances it out by offering free yoga classes at their Prudential Center location. Their Boston in-store studio also offers pilates if you’re looking to switch it up.

Last on my list is Sadhana Studios, with one location in Boston’s South End, and one location in Everett.  This studio offers a new member special that’s out of this world – $24.00 for a month of unlimited yoga if you’re a first-timer and a student. Everyone else pays $30.00 for this special, which is still an incredible price.  Sadhana has similar rates to BBY with a monthly auto-renew membership is $115.00/month, but only $95.00/month if you’re a full-time student. In addition, this studio also features a one-class drop-in rate of $8.00, which is less than any studio in the area that I’ve researched.  For Northeastern students, Sadhana offers not only a great price, but a great location as well.

Living in Boston is pricey – but, from what I’ve researched, doing Yoga in it doesn’t have to be.  For more information and reviews on local studios, click here for Yelp’s Boston Yoga page.