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Mary Knox Merrill, Northeastern Staff Photographer

Mary Knox Merrill, a Northeastern Staff photographer, gives new meaning to the term “well-travelled”.  A photojournalist, she attended college in the south before realizing that her dreams of becoming a photographer would require even more education in an ever-evolving media climate.  After completing her masters at Boston University, she moved on to have an astounding career that has sent her to numerous foreign countries and right back to Massachusetts.  A model for reporting in a changing environment, her work sheds positive light on the area of web journalism.

Merrill, who presented highlights of her career in the new media landscape to Northeastern journalism students last Friday, is not afraid of the changing media world.  Having taken her skills from Massachusetts to the Congo (and back), she gives media a new spin by adding life to web video and challenging herself with diverse stories and locations.

She delivers her stories in a way that combines audio and photography.  Personally, I was moved by her presentation, and found her way of putting a story together to be far more interesting and entertaining that a typical web article with suplimentary photos.  This kind of interactive journalism enables the reader to become the viewer, and with Merrill, the photos are so vivid that the reader is practically covering the story right along with her.

Merrill previously worked for the Christian Science Monitor and is now a staff reporter for Northeastern – a job she says is helping her to improve her lighting skills.  In a changing environment, Merrill stressed the need to continue honing new skills and become the best at what you’re good at.  In a landscape where, if you’re reading the newspaper at all, you’re reading it on your iPad, Merrill offers hope and strategy for those looking to make it in a web-based journalism world.