Boston yogis get to class despite cold winter weather

If you check as often as I do, you’ve probably noted that they label the recent blend of snow, rain, sleet, thunder, and lightening as a “wintry mix”. Usually, this “wintry mix” weather leaves Bostonians coddled up in their homes in front of their radiators … but not Boston Yogis.  The yoga studio where I attend classes, Back Bay Yoga, usually has a few cancellations here or there when the weather is bad enough for the T to operate slowly (okay, that would be all the time, wrong example…) But, not recently.  I, along with my roommate and previously blogged about co-yogi/student Michelle McNeilly, have trudged to class in spite of the rain, snow, and even the “wintry mix”.  Upon arriving at class this past Sunday, when the snow banks were particularly high, I learned that Michelle and I weren’t alone in our quest to work on our arm balances in the sub-zero weather. After both of us fell (twice each) on the way to class, we still managed to power through and declare it tradition to attend our Sunday morning class no matter what the weather has in store. Here are a few photos from our yoga adventure.