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When I think of work/study, I think of working at my school in return for a specified amount of tuition money getting dispersed into my account at the end of the semester. But, this can’t afford me the luxuries in life- for example- food, water, and yoga! I’ve previously written about the low rates of several yoga studios in Boston; however, even with a great deal, yoga can still be tough to afford.  What I’ve discovered recently is that many studios in the Boston area offer work/study programs, which enable yogis to work for a few hours a week in return for unlimited yoga!  Now, that sounds like my kind of wage.

If you wouldn’t mind putting in a few hours of work at your local studio for a payment of unlimited yoga, make a trip to your favorite studio and ask if they’e looking for a hand -it’s a great way to save on what’s usually a $100-$150/month expense for unlimited classes.