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Emily Sweeney, Globe reporter, presents to my journalism class at Northeastern

This past Friday, my Reinventing the News class (the one for which I am writing this blog) was lucky enough to have a presentation by one heck of an awesome journalist. Emily Sweeney, a Northeastern grad herself, defines “multimedia journalist” with her witty and often hilarious long and short-form videos and articles for the Boston Globe. One of her videos in particular on Bingo had my whole class laughing, even though she says there were many things about the dated video that she wants to go back and tweak.

The other videos she presented, one outlining the use of slang in Dorcester and how it’s changed over the years, were obviously only made possible as a result of her being native to the area.  In her online biographical video for the Globe, she says that being the journalist from the “neighborhood” among the best journalists from around the world is “like a dream come true.” Sweeney’s local spunk is palpable in her story technique, and her knack for injecting her true understanding and experience of what it means to be a Bostonian is perhaps the central point of uniqueness in her storytelling.

Sweeney started her presentation to our class by explaining she was an optimist about the new media landscape. After watching her videos and learning more about her in my own time, I am inspired by her passion, personality, and willingness to continue evolving in a field that does just that.  It is clear through her work that she has not only a genuine passion for multi-faceted journalism, but also for the subjects of her work.

“I think of myself as a microphone…” says Sweeney in her biographical video for the Boston Globe, “…I just want to tell your story.”