My twitter page- where I've been logged on all day!

So, this week, after receiving an assignment from my professor to follow at least ten yoga-centric individuals on Twitter, I have fallen in love (and perhaps become addicted) to the instant and broad connectivity that Twitter offers.  I’m a Facebook girl through and through, but I hadn’t given Twitter a fair chance.  My successful search for tweeting yogis has undoubtedly given me a new and expansive platform from which I can easily find interview subjects, and learn more on what I write about- Yoga!

The highlight of this Twitterific week has most definitely been getting added to one yogis blog roll.  Now, you can check out my blogroll for a link to “Love and Cinnamon,” and you’ll see Yoga in Boston (my blog!) on the right hand side of the page. All of this in less than one week?  I love it!

Pardon me as my enthusiasm comes bleeding through this post- I actually just ran into my professor who assigned this Twitter task and nearly jumped through the glass window between us to tell him of all of my Twitter success.

If you haven’t already, please follow me at @lauramaxnelson for tweets on all things Yoga (and perhaps a little news and shoes, too). Along with @emilywhiteMI, the blogger of Love and Cinnamon, you’ll also find several other yogis and yoga magazines tweeting on my yogis/yoginis list – it’s public, so check it out!  Tweeters on the list include @omgal and @bbystudio, both of whom/which are featured on my blog roll as well.  I’ve also stumbled upon some local and international tweeting yogis such as @kathrynbudig and @anusarafriend– the founder of Anusara yoga who tweets today “sending so much compassionate love to everyone in Japan.”

Also, I have to say, it will be own personal challenge to balance my new “Twitter for iPhone” with actually stopping to smell the roses.  As a pedestrian in Boston, I’m already at risk of angry drivers when I’m crossing the street, and of being a million miles away from what’s actually happening in the moment.  Now, with my nose going even further into my phone screen this past week, it’ll probably be wise to start allocating a little designated “twitter time” into my day.  In other words, my phone is definitely going to have to stay on airplane mode when I’m on the treadmill so I’m not secretly checking emails (notifying me of new followers) while running (like today!)

Speaking of, I think it’s been enough technology for one day.  Until next time-

Namaste, ya’ll.