For my Reinventing the News class, I’ve been assigned a final project in which I must incorporate a slideshow, a video and a social-media component into an extensive written feature story on an individual/media outlet of my choosing.  Since I’ve chosen to blog about yoga for the class (hence, the blog you’re reading,) I figured it would be appropriate to center my final project around someone relevant to my beat. That is why I have chosen to pursue a multimedia report on Rebecca Pacheco, the founder of

For those of you who don’t know, Pacheco’s website OmGal delivers information pertinent to the yoga world through blogging and multimedia content.  Pacheco, a world traveler, resides in Boston, making her and her website a perfect subject for my project.

I chose Pacheco  for several reasons, including her wildly successful blog/website, her history of yoga, fitness and traveling, her relevance to my beat, and her perfect location.  With any luck, I hope to interview Rebecca and those who know her/have worked with her in order to communicate the awesome-ness of “OmGal” through my final project.

Stay tuned- Om Shanti!