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Firuzeh Shokooh Valle

The class I’m taking which instructed me to start this blog, Reinventing the News, has brought the new media world to light for the students who have taken it.  One of those students, Firuzeh Shokooh Valle, used what she learned when she took this class to become an essential contributor to Global Voices– an “international community of bloggers” who report on the state of the world from the corner of the globe they’re in. As the current Spanish Language Editor for blog hub, she connects individuals to different blogospheres around the world and gives readers first hand view of what’s happening in her country of expertise, Puerto Rico.

Global Voices is available in many different languages, with reporters like Valle taking information from bloggers and blogs overseas and making them understandable to those who read Global Voices in English.  Valle reports on Puerto Rican affairs, and specializes in “coverage of human rights issues, mainly violence against women and children, the LGBT community, poverty, racism, and immigration.”

What I find most interesting about Global Voices is that it’s practically the manifestation of the direction we’re believed to be heading in as blogs slowly become a more mainstream news source.  What Global Voices does that makes it unique is to relay and translate pertinent information that’s coming from first-hand sources, making it just as valuable – if not more valuable – than a newspaper reporter going overseas and trying to dig up the information himself.  However, there are 14,498 (as of this minute) people who “like” Global Voices on Facebook, and that doesn’t seem like enough considering what the website is offering.  If you support the mission of Global Voices, you can donate to their “independent, free, and sustainable” platform here, and tweet about it to your friends.  Personally, I have a feeling the Global Voices is the first of a much larger web of similar websites that will eventually be considered of equal importance to the understanding of current events.