I absolutely love clothes.

Sorry – I cannot think of a more creative way to say this, so don’t mind me while I just get to the point.

My Mom, Leisa Holland-Nelson, decked out per usual.

My mother spent 20+ years as an active contributor to the fashion industry – and, while she’s currently running a tech company (apparently, technology is the new black), she’s still the best dressed woman in the western world.  Media and personal bias aside, seriously, she is. Be that as it may, I don’t know why, but I never even considered following in her footsteps when it came to my career (I guess I wanted to wear the clothes while living life as the next Madonna, obviously.) Working in fashion was mom’s thing, but I still loved wearing it (and buying it, even if that meant living on oranges and ginger snaps while on minimum wage in London to get that perfect black dress for my birthday dinner.) One could say I picked up on my mother’s sense of style through some sort of osmosis, mixed in with the fact the she did most of my shopping for me until I was old enough to start choosing for myself.

Anyways, during my still ongoing time in college, I spent my first 3.5 years spotted in a pencil skirt and some sort of stacked heel on a regular basis.  Sure, I could tell people I had meetings or interviews for one of my extracurriculars when they asked why I was all dressed up, because most of the time, I did. But, I found that on those sparse days where stockings and headbands weren’t required, I was still wearing them anyways.  I rarely saw my mom in anything other than business casual or formal wear, and thus, nothing else even crossed my mind when it came to picking my outfit for the day.  I would hear people complain about uncomfortable pantyhose and stiff blouses, but I reveled in feeling like a modern-day Jackie O.

Now that most of my extracurricular duties have come to a close and senior year is halfway over, I’ve been given the gift of time. I use this time for many things, one of which is attending yoga class.  As one can imagine, this addition to my daily routine requires a knack for casual wear which is simply not inherent in my brain.  Initially, I struggled with this – wearing leggings and t-shirts to my college classes prior to heading to the yoga studio felt like a disservice to my strategically blow-dryed hair (you can take the girl out of Texas…)  I felt scruffy looking, and where was the fun I’d been having with clothes my whole life?  While I continued (and continue) to search for more of myself through my yoga practice, I felt an aching loss as I stared at the neglected blazers and oxfords that hung unworn and underappreciated in my closet.

Then I realized something –  I was willing to spend the necessary funds to purchase my much-loved business casual, but when it came to “work out” clothes, I just pulled out those things in my drawer that are too tight to be considered pajamas and too old to be worn anywhere other than the gym.  I was now spending my whole day in them!  When I came to terms with the fact that my love of yoga wasn’t going away any time soon, I surrendered to the joy that is shopping for yoga clothes.  Okay fine … I mean I surrendered to Lululemon.

For those of you who don’t know, Lululemon is God’s gift to the Yogi … and, to my butt. Sorry, but I can’t put it any other way (I don’t even need to do the yoga, these pants work rear-end miracles.)  After repeatedly opting for less expensive attire in favor of having more options in my closet, I finally hopped on the Lululemon wagon last week … and I just can’t get enough.

My favorite purchase thus far is definitely the Wunder Groove Crop.  You can’t find them on the website, but you can find all of their other pants on there.  My favorites are available in their Prudential Center location, where I purchased two pairs of them last week.

Since making my first Lululemon haul, I find that I’ve been waking up with the same excitement as I did about getting dressed when getting dressed entailed some sort of matching sweater set.  And, I’m more comfortable in my clothes than I’ve ever been! As a woman, and as the spawn of a fashionista, I don’t have to live my life in sweatpants and t-shirts just because I’m headed to yoga class instead of a business luncheon.  My mom spent 25 years doing one thing, and now she’s feeling her way through something else. I guess you could call this my metaphorical technology company, except in this case, racerbacks and leggings are my new little black dress.

My Lululemon Shopping Bag!