Scarcity can be pretty scary.

When I was a tiny tot, I remember asking my mom how a checkbook worked. When she explained it to me, I asked her why she couldn’t just write a check for everything she wanted and assume that it would all get paid for.

This is why I believe three year olds are the ones who really have it all figured out.

In my adult life, when I feel I am running low on funds or something else that’s necessary for my well-being, I can go to a place of “not-enoughness” as a means of survival. I remember a year or so ago having a conversation with my friend Molly about what happens when I only have one squirt of shampoo left in the bottle – I told her that I would go to the drugstore and, if I had one more squirt left at home, I would abstain from purchasing a new bottle until the old one was completely gone.

I’d say I’ve come a long way since then, but sometimes I can make a visit or two back to that place of scarcity and start hoarding shampoo or whatever, losing faith that the universe will provide for me. It’s an easy thing to do when we’re college students living on a dime or young professionals unsure of what tomorrow might bring. A friend of mine once responded to my money woes by saying “Laura, God has a lot of money.” God, the universe, the angel on your shoulder – whoever, I feel better when i I come to believe that spirit does have infinite funds.

So I noticed today that when I spend a lot of money on others, I end up getting a lot of money in return. It hardly feels natural, but it seems to be working. As I give more freely to the universe, so the universe gives more freely to me. Point being, when you give a little, you get a lot. May I come back and remember that next time I’m in a pinch – to give what I would hope to receive. These days, I get a whole lot more than extra shampoo, but it’s easy to forget that the miracle is coming unless I constantly remind myself and surround myself with others who will remind me, too.

Be it money or food or water- whatever it is, there is always enough. Well, actually, there’s even more than that.