I recently had the honor of being in attendance the night my best friend, Nico, got engaged. Camera in hand, I took snapshots of the evening that were a conclusion to three weeks of photographs from a long “trip” to New York City. Over the course of my time spent in the big apple, I was also able to follow my friend Emily Rudisill to work and capture her in all of her glory right before stepping into the Conde Nast building, where she works for the one and only Vogue magazine.

When Nico called me this morning elated about how the photos came out, I found myself inspired and in touch with what has been a long-running passion for portrait taking – specifically, capturing people’s essence through framing them in tight shots.  I decided to dredge up some of my favorites (and a couple that some friends took of me!) from the last couple of years:

My dear friend, Rob Mabe, doing what he does best – laughing!

Another side of Rob

Dan Vessely and Nico Padden get engaged.

Nico Padden, singer/songwriter with her new bling.


Nico in her element – laughing and in love!

My favorite ring shot.

Cooking in the Kitchen with Hannah Martin of ELLE DECOR.

En route to work at VOGUE, dear friend and former roommate Emily Rudisill.

Another one of Emily in Times Square.

Me on the bus en route to NYC.

My friend Sue’s new addition to the family.

“Sue and Baby.”

Janet Fink – Reiki master. I love her expression here, and the quote on her shirt.

One of many shots of Marian Daniells. Not hard to capture this one’s innate beauty.

I call this one “Summer with no air conditioner.”

Bahamas 2011 with Marian Daniells of The Boston Globeand http://www.mariandaniells.com

Sun Happy.

Peter Crowley, Boston Yoga Instructor, creator of Freedom Joy Yoga.

My favorite of Peter.

Rebecca Pacheco, creator of omgal.com.

A night to remember with Marian Daniells.

Laughter with Jordan Charlton and Marian Daniells.

Okay, I snuck into this one. Was this winter 2011?

Love me, love me not.