About Laura Max

My name is Laura Nelson, and I’m a yoga-loving writer, multimedia journalist, traveler, and recent college graduate.  Having majored in journalism and grown up with a passion for expressing myself through writing and other creative mediums, I find great joy in  writing about the world as I see it…no holds barred. I aspire to share my journey with you as I learn a little bit more about myself and the world, one day at a time.

I have a sincere passion for writing and on-camera communication. A recent graduate of Northeastern University, I have gained significant experience in the last five years through working for Fox 25 News (WFXT) in

Boston, Massachusetts for six months, as well as TBS in London, England for the same period of time.

In my sophomore and senior years at Northeastern, I served as News Director for theuniversity’s TV Station, NUTV, where I assigned all of the news on campus to student reporters and created, produced, and directed Northeastern’s weekly news show. It was after my first year as News Director that I moved on to work for TBS in London, England as a programming and presentation assistant for the Cartoon Network.

After my time in London, I began working for Fox 25 WFXT in Boston, Massachusetts, where I spent six months being regularly featured on-camera interacting and discussing the news of the day with extremely well known local reporters. I also personally interviewed Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Senator Martha Coakley, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, and world famous celebrity rapper and actor Ludacris. After working at Fox, I completed my degree in Journalism at Northeastern, graduating with high honors at the top of my class. Having a heartfelt interest in politics, current events, health and wellness, global affairs, psychology, and environmental sustainability, I aspire to use the media to communicate those interests and start a national forum/conversation in my professional future.

I hope you enjoy reading!

With love,



2 thoughts on “About Laura Max”

  1. Girl, this is awesome! I’m officially going to creep on you. I like how structured everything is. You inspire me to want to start doing yoga… The only problem is my apartment is too small to lay out a mat. Literally.

    Keep it up 🙂 Love you!! L&L

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